For literally thousands of years in the regions of Osijek-Baranja County, grapes have been cultivated to produce that ever-popular and satisfying beverage known as wine. The Baranja region's name itself is a hint as to its wine growing abilities: in Hungarian, boranya means "wine mother." Obviously, it was given this moniker because it was particularly suited to growing grapes; that fact remains true to this day. The area receives just the right amount of rainfall every year and has the ideal average temperature to enable those yummy little fruits to grow (and get squashed later on). One of the  ways to get acquainted with some of Croatia's finest wines is to take a trip along the wine road. The wine road runs through Baranja district along Banska kosa hill, “Mons aureus” or “Golden Hill”, Đakovo district, Erdut district and Ferćanci district - a route that will lead you to renowned wine merchants who will do their best to convince you of the superiority of their liquid wares. The growing popularity of the region's wine has made the wine road an oft-visited attraction for the area. Consequently, the cellars and the wine keep getting better and better. It's time to start tasting!
You can visit the cellars every day (except during the grape harvest) but be sure to call first to make an appointment.

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