City Basics

(April 2011): 4,290,612
Split County: (April 2011): 455,242
Split (April 2011): 178,192
Territory: Croatia’s land territory takes up 56,542km2. It borders with Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and there is a sea-border with Italy.
Dalmatian coast: The coast is the main tourist attraction for good reason - the crystal clear waters are some of the most beautiful on the planet and were just named some of its most pure!
Islands: An amazing 1,246 islands lie off the Croatian coast, 47 of them inhabited.
Climate: Mediterranean
Local time: Croatia is part of the Central European Time Zone (GMT+1): when it is noon in Split it is 12:00 in Berlin, 11:00 in London, 06:00 in New York, 14:00 in Moscow, and 21:00 in Sydney.

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