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Froggy flavours

Froggy flavoursMarko Sirovina

The culinary repertoire of inland Dalmatia has always reserved a special role for the frog (žaba). Traditionally considered a staple of working families, frogs’ legs are now something of a delicacy, and urban foodies from Split and Zagreb will make special trips to provincial konobe to seek out the best frog recipes.
In the Cetina region (Cetinska Krajina) inland from Split, frogs’ legs are usually fried in breadcrumbs or boiled with potatoes. The provincial town of Trilj is a popular gastronomic destination with two outstanding restaurants, the Lovac (021/ 831 268) and the Čaporice in the Sveti Mihovil hotel (021/831 770). In the Dubrovnik region, the reedy Neretva Delta is simply slithering with frogs and eels, and many of the local konobe have become cult destinations for devotees of swamp food. Konoba Vrilo in the village of Prud or Suđurađ i Mate in the village of Vid (both just outside the town of Metković), are the places to aim for.

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  • Ronny - 29 January 2014
    We went to Centina for rafting while staying in Bol ( ) and had a great time. Scenery is just amazing.

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