Raoul Goldoni: Glass Sculptures
2012-05-05 - 2012-08-31

Raoul Goldoni: Glass Sculptures
Is art your forte? Art that is glass, then get a glimpse of Goldoni's opus, a Croatian pioneer of glass art unique for use, free design and multiple compositions. Born in Split, this artist began working with glass in 1956 and soon after established an influential academic career around Zagreb and its surroundings. The sculptor and designer even delved in Murano art from the island of Venice so as to enhance his continual experimentation with glass as a medium. Notable works include curvy organic shapes and figurative compositions resembling crystallized animal and human forms such as his Vepar (Wild Boar), 1968, and Zeleni torsoe (Green Torso), 1979.

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The Museum of Anicent Glass, Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1


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