Ivo Kerdić - Celebrating the 130th anniversary since the birth of the sculptor
2011-05-19 - 2011-07-10

Ivo Kerdić - Celebrating the 130th anniversary since the birth of the sculptor
In order to win a prized medal blood, sweat and tears often portray the dedication required to achieve such a reward. Well what about the work that goes behind making that prized medal? What about the craftsmanship required without the use of today’s technology? This is a dedication to a man who was able to do exactly that; Ivo Kerdić (19.05.1881 – 27.10.1953), a great Croatian sculptor and medal maker who was renowned for his creative work in small plastics art.

Kerdić mastered his craft in Paris and Vienna and was flawless in his efforts to engrave and carve.  His hidden treasures will be revealed to the public as the Modern Gallery presents its very own collection of his masterpieces. A staggering 625 original works will include medals, plaques, badges, reward medals, coins and sculptures which were made between 1905 to 1953, encompassing 170 topics altogether.

This rich opus not only gives the public an insight into the extraordinary art work Kerdić was able to produce, it also reveals a sign of the times, a glimpse at Zagreb and Croatian public life, its heroes and other topical themes of yester years. It reveals the production and development of small plastics and medal making in a European context as well as its significance.

Kerdić has definitely left an imprint in his field, leaving behind a collection of riches to his oeuvre. Many of the works will be displayed for the very first time thus showcasing a vast and credible career. It is one thing to earn a medal and another to make it, Kerdić has finally earned the right to take his place on the podium.

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