Getting tee-d off

When it comes to golf Croatia isn’t exactly the first place you’d consider as a master destination. In saying that, the sport indeed had a history here with a world-class golf resort which was built on the luxuriant Brijuni islands in 1922, and there was also once a beautiful course at Zagreb’s Maksimir Park. Unfortunately, with the rise of Communism the sport slowly diminished.
Oh how times have changed with the sport developing a solid fan base these days and the infrastructure of several courses on the agenda. Nowadays, there are several golfing options within reach of Zagreb.  The Golf and Country Club Zagreb, opened close to Novi Zagreb is designed to PGA standards and has international tournaments in the pipeline. A Scottish professional, Stuart Callan, leads the golf academy there. There is also a golf course in Krašić humbly named the Valley of the Cardinals Golf and Country Club. It facilitates both a 9 hole course or if you want to make a day of it an 18 hole course. The only other options include a couple of hours drive to Slovenia which has its fair share of courses. So why not hit the greens and take a putt!

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