Lonely Planet: „Olomouc, the most beautiful city in the Czech Republic.“
Olomouc, the one hundred thousand inhabitant metropolis of the fruitful Haná and the sixth largest city in the Czech Republic lies right in the heart of Moravia and in the past was its capital city. Currently, it is home to the ancient university, the archdiocese, the philharmonic, numerous museums, theatres and clubs, the venue for many interesting events and festivals. For centuries, Olomouc belonged among the most significant residence of the Czech Monarchy.
After the capital of Prague, Olomouc contains the largest concentration of remarkable monuments in the Czech Republic. A world rarity is the original medieval astronomical clock in the facade of the Town Hall, following WWII renovated in the spirit of socialist realism. A thirty-two meter high column of the Holy Trinity – UNESCO monument, a group of six Baroque fountains and a magical new age Arion´s Fountain, are other unique monuments in the city´s historical centre. Wenceslas´ Hill top is dominated by high spires of Saint Wenceslas´ Cathedral and an adjacent palace located at the former site of the Olomouc castle.
Apart from the countless sights, numerous reminders of a military history of the former Olomouc forts await you here. The entire city is surrounded by a ring oof advanced forts, which still exit today in an almost unchanged character. In the gorgeous city orchards, you will also find the remains of the medieval forts of the city as well as the Crown fortress, which is gradually becoming the centre for culture and relaxation. 

For more information on all events, tours and accommodation in, call into the Tourist information, Horní náměstí, Olomouc, tel. +420 585 513 385, http://tourism.olomouc.eu

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