Hullumaja Baar

Hullumaja Baar
It's pretty craz-e-e-e-e... Hulumaja means 'nuthouse' in English and given the low shooters prices, a few hours spent here can certainly end up contributing to a less than sharp mental state. The interior décor is a little lacking, we would have liked to see all manner of freaky medical instruments hanging on the walls, but a smattering of signs, padded walls and shots served in urine cups get the point across.

See Facebook page for up-to-date shots prices. Age restriction 18+.

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Hullumaja Baar Comments

  • Awful design (eg cheap foam is used instead of padding to try and simulate a 'padded cell' look) and a terrible vibe. Unless your sole priority is to get drunk as cheaply as possible -and you don't mind stepping around the broken glass and vomit that accumulates around the doorway on busy nights) - stay away. Shooters or Nimeta both 20 meters down the street are a much better bet.


Open 19:00 - 06:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 06:30.


Suur-Karja 11


(+372) 56 99 41 60


Wi-fi City centre location Outside seating

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