Hyper Rimi (Norde Centrum)

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Hyper Rimi (Norde Centrum) Comments

  • Shit restaurant called Buffet Express in Norde Centrum. The employee who was serving the meal insulted and offended with rasist comments three tourists from Greece. It seemed that the employee was irritated by the economic support to Greece from EU.
  • i want to go to Tallinn Estonia
  • SHIT place!!! Fools money from your credit card. Cashier says that "don't work don't work" takes the card for a second time, does something and then asks to enter the PIN code, AGAIN! And then the money dissappears!THANKS A LOT! I WILL NOT (!!) COME AGAIN, EVER!!!


Open 08:00 - 22:00.


Lootsi 7


(+372) 669 89 00


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