This guesthouse near the train station could do with a large amount of sprucing up, but at least the price is right and staff are friendly. There's a definite feeling here of being a visitor in someone's old house. Potted plants give it a homey feel. All the rooms have TVs, and the higher-priced ones come with their own showers/WCs.

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Rändur Comments

  • single rooms £ 20 double rooms £ 26 - 32 extra bed £ 10 pets £ 7 tent £ 10


Kuperjanovi 66


(+372) 742 71 90
fax:(+372) 742 72 75




9 Total rooms
singles €25
doubles €40

Extra bed €10, pets €7, caravan €10, tent €10. Breakfast €4.

Wi-fi Dogs Allowed Non-smoking No Credit cards

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