[closed]Kleopatra Restaurant & Pub

Note: Now closed and has been replaced by a strip club.

Cheaper dining on the square featuring a concise choice of mains including filled potatoes, fish, grilled meats and a choice of sweet and meat stuffed pancakes such as chicken and spicy Mexican. While they appear to have lost their streetside garden, a smoking section inside and a long cocktail list are positives although ultimately the prices reflect the quality. Management refuses to update their info with us probably due to us publishing some truly dreadful readers’ comments on our website (worse can be found on Tripadvisor). Note that they have some very expensive spirits available so be very careful when ordering to avoid any confusion.



Smoking place
Outside seating


Open 10:00-22:00.

Price/Additional Info



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Croatia, Zagreb
(at my friends request I translate his EURO2012 experience which was published in Croatia. This is his story...)...Maybe the worst restaurant experience in our life. By "we" I think on my three fellow journalists and me. Back to the story... we visited Kleopatra before Croatia vs Spain match at EURO2012 after we finished articles for home newspapers and order (from polish-only menu) first what we so. Food? More than poor... Meat was challenge to chew tasteless strange smell salad from cheapest supermarket... But we agree to ignore bad food pay this "lunch" and get out ASAP. At that moment female college found used (chewed!!) gum in food(!). Chewed gum?? But the nightmare just begun. We finally spoke up to waiter. He seemed like considerate hospitable & tourist kind of guy... but his boss did not feel that way. He raised his voice at the level of offensive tone and claimed that it is not possible that we could found chewed gum in our meal in HIS restaurant. Mainly he was yelling "you are fu*king tourist who do not want to pay the meal. pay complete lunch and get the f*ck out of here. fu*king stinky tourists. go home idiots go home!!" He yell and insult us 'till some small Asian women came ("chief of stuff" if I correctly understand her) who tried to be even more louder and offending then owner guy (steel yelling btw). Situation then get highly unpleasant. We requested that somebody of the stuff call police because things get little of the edge this was nearly normal and pleasant sunny day at memorable EURO2012... In a few moments two really big bald polish thugs entered at the front restaurant door and then we knew nobody called police- they called gorillas to close the deal. Asian lady smiled with victory sparkle in her eyes and we knew what is gonna happened if we don't pay for (we payed for everything but didn't want to pay for that "polish chewed gum meal"). We toss four coins (4€) at the table and leave Kleopatra restaurant without the word. Did we call police after we get out? No we did not but only 'cause we were stunned very tired and pretty sick of "polish hospitality". PS only few guests saw the incident 'cause majority eat&drink outdoor terrace but everything happened inside of the restaurant Kleopatra...
croatia, Split PLEASE READ THIS !!!
Croatia, Kutina
This is the worst ever restaurant in the world..All people over the world do not go there because the boss and the stuff are very bruttal and cold angry all the time..They call their guests idiot morone fckin idiots and they put everything in the food like bubble gum they spit in the guests food and lot's of crazy think..One of the boss are the most arogant chinese or sth...There is disaster..
Germany, Munich
The worst restaurant I've ever visit .Dont't eat there !!!!! Maybe you find a chewing gum in your sauce.
Poland, Cracow
Najgorsza restauracja w jakiej byłem w Gdańsku. Spośród 20 odwiedzionych restauracji w Trójmieście takiego chamstwa jeszcze nie spotkałem. Kelnerki uprzejme ale właściciel bardzo agresywny pijany i bezczelny. Nie polecam tego miejsca. Omijajcie z daleka!
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