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Baltic Sail takes place in Gdansk from July 2-5

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Poland is an increasingly important centre of culture, and artisans, performers and musicians from all over the world now regularly arrive here to showcase their various talents. From art house sculptors to top-name bands, In Your Pocket is dedicated to bringing news of these events to as wide an audience as possible. Besides the listings on the print guide, we also regularly update our website with all the news and events as they reach us, sometimes after our print guide has gone to press. For the latest event information make the first place you visit.

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As the category title suggests, this is a collection of events that simply don't fit into any of our othe categories.

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Gdańsk Trade Fairs

The tradition of trade fairs in Poland is over 90 years old with the grand daddy of them all being the Poznań International. Since the fall of communism the sector has been growing with new centres hosting an increasingly wide range of events showcasing everything from military hardware to amber jewellery.

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