Brecht Keller

The recipes served here are those of a busy Austrian actress making do with East German ingredients, so though decent, it's not the Tafelspitz (rump steak) that's famous, but the spirit of the place where playwright Berthold Brecht and his actress wife Helene Weigel lived. The small basement cellar is full of family photographs and original set models of plays like Mother Courage. Also inside is what could only be described as a romantic brick-lined lounge area. A wall separates the terrace from the cemetery where the couple are buried.


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Brecht Keller Comments

  • We just happened by the restaurant and had great fun here. Loved the garden. Unpretentious good food and beer. Wish we knew Brecht is buried next door!


Open 18:00-01:00.


Chausseestraße 125, Mitte


+49 30 282 38 43


Public transport:

U Oranienburger Tor

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