With a Korean owner (and therefore delicious kimchi) and Thai & Filipino servers, this is not the most authentic Japanese in the world, but it is the best in K-Town and one of the oldest. Upstairs is calm Japanese ambience and their Japanese garden terrace is a haven. Sample sushi prepared by their sushimaster from Tokyo, made with fish from France & Oman, sashimi, teppanyaki or partake in the buffet. Friendly and tasty.


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Sukiyaki Comments

  • This was one of the worst Japanese restaurants we have found in our travels. We know the real thing (11 years in Japan, gourmand japanese cooking at home), so we expected the quality that they described on some other sites. the sushi was terrible, teriyaki was bland, as if the chef forgot the mirin. Go out to Zweibruken for sushi, it is the closest and best for the area.
  • Bottom line ... find another restaurant to dine at. The sushi tasted too plain for the price it was placed at. There's a false advertisement for their tepanyaki dishes. First off, I assumed that tepanyaki restaurants would cook food in front of their customers, Sukiyaki failed at that. Well I gave the food and the restaurant the benefit of the doubt, but after the first bite I was convinced. Sukiyaki is not authentic and receives a 4/10 from me.


Open 11:30 - 14:00; 17:30 - 23:30. Closed Tue.


Steinstr. 11-13


+49 631 611 07


Credit Cards Takeaway Outside seating Child-friendly

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