As an attempt to revive the traditional 1930s cook room, Negroponte makes food the old school way: with ingredients one would only use at home and with generous amounts of virgin olive oil. Fish, meat and vegetable dishes are all among specialties and the wine is good, cheap, home-made and served straight from the barrel. There’s a fascinating story behind the premises: Negroponte was originally built and occupied by Egyptian nobles two hundred years ago and was burned down during the disastrous fire of 1917. Later on, it became a root processing workshop, until the 70s, when it served as Thessaloniki’s most famous brothel for more than twenty years, before entering its current culinary phase in 2003. History has a funny way of readjusting things, hasn’t it?

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  • jorgo kafana ti je katastrofa


Open 12:00 - 01:00.


Aigyptou 24, Ladadika


(+30) 2310 523571

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