Pretty young faces and pure dance music make this place one of the most popular ‘straight friendly’ clubs in town. Both its rooms are packed during weekends and the party doesn’t stop till early morning hours. 

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Sodade Comments

  • Awful place.They spike my drink I spend the next day in the hospital. Stole 100 euros from my account and about 600 pounds from my credit card. I was found unconcious from my friends about half hour after they lost me and I end up been sick without remember most of the things that happened to me that night.Apparently I heard from greek friends that this is not the first time something like that happened there. If you are a tourist dont go but if you are courageous enough be extra carefull. And at the end of the day the music is shit, the crowd is uptight and the staff quite rude
  • it's perfect


Open 23:30-06:00.


Triptolemou 10, Gazi


(+30) 210 3468657

Metro station:


Metro City centre location Air-conditioning No Credit cards

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