The ultimate fashionable shoe shop, with top international labels as well as its own-brand discerning designs. A must-visit destination for all shoe afficionados.

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Kalogirou Comments

  • I love Kalogirou. My cousin lives in Athens and she buys shoes for her whole big Armenian-Greek family. Right now I am wearing black Prada boots that my cousin bought there for me.
  • To ladies below i am a fan of the Kalogirou stores as their product is amazing! The selection exceeds those of the biggest retailers in the top fashion destinations.My experience with their staff has been excellent and whenever I have had a complaint or quality issue I was treated with the outmost courtesy.They have an incredible reward scheme with their Kalogirou Amex credit card. You do NOT find such generous tools abroad.Their prices are in line with all major markets unlike so many Retailers!Let's not be too quick to criticize and favor all that is foreign, I have had some very disturbing experiences.To Dora;If we don't support our businesses then what future can we hope for?
  • I totally agree with Dora!!!!
  • To Fini-Athens....don't expect that kind of service in Greece. They have no idea what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. They are rude and most of them don't give a damn. Your best bet is to buy your 500.00 shoes in another country where service is with a smile!!!!
  • I needs to be remodelled and the sale people should be a bit more polite when you're spending over 500Euro a shoe!


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