AB Vassilopoulos

Supermarkets are rare in downtown Athens, they tend to concentrate in residential areas. Some central brances of the best supermarket chain AB Vassilopoulos can be found at the following addresses:
-Vouliagmenis 67 & Menonos, Mets, F8
-Marni 24, E1
-Spyrou Merkouri 38, Pangrati, J6
-Keiriadon & Sfiton, Petralona, A6
-Mavromichali 157 & Digeni Akrita, I1

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AB Vassilopoulos Comments

  • PARKING CHAOS AT OLD AIRPORT SUPERMARKET How long are you going to allow this parking chaos to continue. the tax drivers who are now using your access road as a taxi rank and private parking area, are agressive and rude and are taking the law into their own hands. They are turning your customers away. It is now a very long detour to drive round and virtually impossible to get to your store legally by car without contravening one way systems. You also have a security officer who was being extremely rude to your choppers on the car park, when I left this afternoon. Get the police to sort the taxi drivers out and then get a proper approach road open. Otherwise you will have no customers.
  • Terrible services


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