CopperFace Jacks

This is a notorious Dublin nightclub, although it’s not for all tastes. It’s popularly considered the place for teachers, guards and nurses but in truth it’s a fairly mixed crowed. During the GAA season it’s bursting at the seams with fans from outside the capital. And at weekends its two floors can be quite crowded. With everyone bopping to cheesy classics and latest chart staples it gets quite sweaty too. It’s an ideal spot for people looking to have some fun and not take themselves too seriously – no posing here. And part of the reason for Copper's enduring success is its popularity with single folk. And who are we to judge?

Cover Charge Sun -Thurs €5, Fri - Sat €10

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CopperFace Jacks Comments

  • Myself & boyfriend along with 2 other couples where at a concert in the O2, decided to head out after. Not drunk and dressed impeccably, we were refused entry at the door as it was a student night. I am a student and had ID with me. Never will I darken the doors of this shit hole in my life. Bouncers are a crowd of power thriving idiots. Don't know why they refuse people as it's not exactly the ritz. I have a few conclusions, maybe it's because where we are from, in a group, tattoos. Anyways any1 reading this thinking on going.... DONT!! Waste of time & money!
  • Coppers staff should be sacked first step in sorting out the seedy reputation of one of Dublins most popular haunts. its become something of a once in a while go to area rather than every weekend and lucily enough different people get fed up of other places from time to time
  • myself and my 3 friends traveled from kildare dublin to copper face jacks on sat nite, i had been there many times in the past and suggested it to my mates to go there for a good nite, we got out the car and walked to the door, we were refused entry at the door, 3 bouncers just stood there lookin at the floor while one bouncer looked us up and down as we were very respectable and not drunk and mumbled to us that we could not enter as it was "REGULARS ONLY ON SAT NITES" .... and then let 2 young girls with skirts up to there hips and very drunk walk in the door on front of us!!!!!!!!! the cheek of it, THE BOUNCERS NEED LESSONS ON MANNERS AND HOW TO WORK A DOOR. THE PUNTERS ARE NOT FOR THERE PERSONAL USE! REGULARS ONLY POLICLY IS CRAP EXCUSE BOUNCERS USE TO ACT IMPORTANT! I have done bouncing myself and know the score, you need to train your shit staff!
  • I was at Coppers last night, when i was refused entry for wearing dressy shorts, i was toled by the door staff to go gym if i wanted to wear shorts, I thought this was unreal as its summer with alot of tourists about and most of them wearing shorts.I said to him but females can get in when they wear a dress or shorts and even Football Jersey. The were not friendly they were rude and smart. I then had to get a taxi home and put on jeans then get a taxi back to spent like 40 euro on taxis in one night. I would suggest you train your Door staff a little better and give them some peoples skills, and they should open there eyes to different cultures.


Open 24hrs; Club Open 23:00 - 02:30


29 Harcourt St, D2


(+353)(0)1 425 5300


Metro station:

Luas Harcourt St

City centre location

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