Temple Bar

Dublin is an old city but the Temple Bar area is full of the vibrancy of youth. The buzzing energy is so thick in the air you could almost bottle and sell it (somebody, someday, will probably try to). This hugely popular cultural, entertainment and imbibement hub attracts large swathes of the city's newcomers and natives. It is famed for its fun pubs and great party atmosphere, but for us, Temple Bar is as much about the fun and laid-back daytime vibe as it is the well-established nightlife scene. A walk through its narrow cobbled thoroughfares will reveal a huge array of funky establishments and independent businesses, from boho cafés to vintage and speciality shops, piercing and tattoo artists to second-hand music stores. There's a youthful optimism here that can't be shaken, a sense that this is the place to be, and it shows that even in such a well-known area, Dublin still has so many hidden gems to discover that most guidebooks just don't point you towards. 

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