Korça In Your Pocket

A proud, cultured town high in the Albanian hinterlands, Korça is a world away from Tirana. It has quite a few good sights, including an excellent icon museum, a bustling bazaar, a fantastic Byzantine-era painted church, a top-rate beer brewery and a great beer festival. 

Korça (pronounced KOR-cha) is known for its pretty girls, its tradition of serenades, and good food. The city is close to Greece in more than one way. Locals cross the border to nearby Kastoria and further afield to Thessaloniki and Athens for the latest fashion, religious festivals, education, jobs and family visits, and many of them are fluent in both Greek and Albanian. 

Every summer, the Korça Beer Festival attracts thousands of party-minded beer-lovers from across the Balkans and Europe; see festaebirres.com for details. 

The Korça In Your Pocket city guide is the first English language city guide to this fascinating destination, and is available as a free PDF download here.

If you have any tips or comments, please let us know at tirana[@]inyourpocket.com. Enjoy Korça.

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