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Kosovo In Your Pocket

Kosovo In Your Pocket
With Kosovo's independence, a new air of optimism is wafting through the newly born country.

Kosovo is a safe country to visit, with several attractive towns featuring great Ottoman-era mosques and hamam complexes, stunning medieval Christian Orthodox churches and monasteries, beautiful countryside, and friendly locals.

Pristina In Your Pocket is the first print and online guide to Kosovo's lively capital city. The Prizren In Your Pocket city guide covers Kosovo's charming cultural capital, the historical town of Gjakova and the Brezovica ski resort. There's also a Peja In Your Pocket mini-guide online.

To get even further off the beaten track, read our features about rural tourism in Novo Brdo near Pristina, or about active cultural biking tours of the monasteries and villages south of Peja - you can even spend the night in a wonderful traditional defence tower guesthouse.

Enjoy the new Kosovo.

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