Shejh Zenel Abedini Tekke [Teqja e Shejh Zenel Abedinit]

Home to Gjakova’s mystical Bektashi order, this modern tekke painted in traditional green and white colours was built in 2007 on the foundations of the original that burned to the ground during the 1999 war. Located in the centre of the Çarshia e Madhe, it's open by appointment, and Shejh Ruzhdi Shehu is only too pleased to show visitors around and to tell them about the history and philosophy of the Bektashi. Like all other Bektashi tekkes, this one in Gjakova is open for men and women to pray at the same time and is the property of all believers.

Admission free.

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Open by appointment.


Rr. Ismail Qemali 54


+381 390 32 14 88
+377 44 50 10 83


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