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Events in Pristina

DAM Fest
The International Festival of Young Musicians brings classical music to Pristina, with performances by hundreds of musicians in various venues during March and April. Admission is free. Information: tel. +377 44 55 54 04,,

Freedom Fest
A music festival held in June, organised by a local radio station. Information:,

SURF Urban Festival
The Summer Urban Festival organises various events throughout the city from June to August: concerts, exhibitions, workshops, etc. Information: +386 49 50 75 21,

9/11 Dedication Festival
The film festival that commemorates the 9/11 attacks takes place around 11 September at Pristina's National Theatre. It features short films (5-30 minutes) by local directors, all provided with English subtitles. Information: tel. +381 38 50 07 23,,

The Pristina International Film Festival is held at the Kino ABC cinema in September. The main prize is a 'Golden Goddess' award; a stylish golden version of Pristina's 6,000-year old Hynesha në Fron statue. Information: tel. +381 38 22 11 44,,

Prishtina Jazz Festival
In November Pristina hosts the annual Prishtina Jazz Festival. Held in the ODA theatre, just behind the Pallati i Rinise complex, there is a concert every evening at 20:00, with bands from across the region and beyond. Information: tel+381 38 24 65 55,,

Skena Up Film & Theatre Festival
Skena Up, held in December, is a visual arts festival with a competitive element. It's dedicated to film and theatre students and aims to bring new works to a wide audience and to bring together artists and audiences from varying cultural backgrounds. As it involves students, there's plenty of beer and parties too. Shows are at the National Theatre and Kino ABC cinema. Information: tel. +381 38 72 24 63, contact,

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