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Street name confusion

In Kosovo, street names are only a recent addition to the many complications of life, not helped by the fact that street name signs are only placed sparingly.

An example of the chaos: on one street, you can find four hotels: the Pejton, Real, Prishtina and Pllaza. Look at their business cards and websites and you'll see that they have different addresses: two think they are on Rruga Pashko Vasa, one believes it's Rruga Vaso Pasha 20 and the last is convinced it's on Rruga Luan Haradinaj. They're all wrong as these streets are all elswhere in the city – the real street name is Rr. Kosta Novakovic.

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  • Libor Trejdl - Prague, Czech Republic 09 August 2012
    In 2001 I stayed in what the street label said was Haxhi Mulla Zeka Street, formerly known as Proletari. Could anyone please tell me what it's name is now?
  • Dimitar - Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria 04 April 2011
    I am searching for 27, Alexandor Georgevic str., Pristina, Kosovo. I have friends leaving in this street but I cannot find them.
    EDITOR: We don't know of a street with that name in Pristina, ask your friends again!

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