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Shotani Comments

  • The best rent a car company in Kosovo is Sixt rent a car. Great service and excellent new cars
  • Hello that what this person wrote is not what the company did , i rent cars now 7 years to shotani and i didnt have never and ever a problem with the owner and also with the other persons there , there work a girl and a boy caling lula and behar there are awsome people also the owner is a nice person , he cares abaut the costumers and offers you the best price and the best car . they dont work with old cars , if you are looking for a good car than shotani is the best choice for renting a car in prishtina , i have rent cars also in europe car but there the personel is very ugly . so darling if you had a bad experience by shotani that mayby was because you did something wrong with the car because there are proffesinals at there work , listen to me the best rent a car in prishtina is Rent a car Shotani and he has the best cars ever and the best price and the best personel .
  • Avoid this rental car place! I had a really terrible experience here. They overcharged us on the car, then gave us a car with a broken wheel, which then failed when we were in Macedonia. We paid out of pocket to get it repaired so we could get back home, but the owner screamed and yelled, refused to reimburse us, and was really abusive to me and especially to my wife; only after about a half hour of abuse did he relent, and that was only because we were lucky enough not to have paid in full when we received the car, so we had some leverage. The owner cares only about the euros, not about the customer! We've had great experiences at Europecar and other rental places in Pristina. Don't put yourself through the grief of renting from Shotani- -believe me, it's not worth it.


Rr. Shefqet Shkupi 1


+381 38 54 42 24
+377 44 28 62 86

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