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As the national railway company Kosovo Railways (KR) candidly admits on its website, it's in a bad situation. Originally built by the French (the Skopje-Mitrovica tracks were completed by them in 1874) and still known to older locals as the 'French road' (Udha e Frengut), it is now seemingly operated more as an exercise in ethnic harmony than a useful service.
KR operates fast trains (IC) within Kosovo and to Skopje,
Freedom of Movement (TLL) trains linking the Serb enclaves and local trains (LT) that stop at every tree. Tickets are cheap and prices are determined by the number of zones within Kosovo you travel. A ticket from Pristina to Peja costs €3, Skopje €4; return tickets are 20% cheaper than two singles. Tickets on the Freedom of Movement train are €0.50 regardless of destination. A confusing railway timetable can be found online and if you're lucky maybe in printed form at the stations - ask for the orari i trenave brochure.

Pristina effectively has two train stations. West of the centre near the end of Rruga Garibaldi, Pristina train station is nothing short of disappointing (when In Your Pocket first dropped by for information the man who worked there had gone for coffee). The station serves trains to Peja and Skopje via Fushë Kosovë train station, seven kilometres west of the city centre. This second station is Kosovo's railway hub and must have been fairly impressive in its day. Now it's an empty shell, with dusty departure boards and a rather beautiful Tito-era statue outside. Get here by taxi (€7-10) or with the N°1 minibus (€0.40), which departs every 5-10 minutes from Bul. Bill Clinton (between Rr. R. Doli and Rr. Perandori Justinian). Fushë Kosovë station has trains to and from Pristina, Peja and Skopje.

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