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Cafés & Nightlife in Pristina

There are enough cafés, bars and clubs in Pristina to keep all but the most demanding snobs satisfied. The influx of foreigners has brought with it a few excellent choices, but even the places frequented by the locals are better than many you'll find in some of the bigger Balkan cities. The great thing about Pristina is that it's so small you can walk from bar to bar until you find something you like. Nightlife is concentrated around Rruga Fehmi Agani and the Pejton area just south of Rruga Garibaldi, with more studenty places in the Santea area at the eastern end of Bul. Bill Clinton. Note that several places listed under Cafés are also good night spots. Just in case you'd forgotten, Kosovo is a male-dominated society, and many of the cheaper bars are frequented entirely by chain-smoking men.

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