Café e Vogel

Run by a friendly local who spent years in the UK, the 'small café' is a very relaxed place for a coffee, beer and chat. It's visited by an alternative crowd of students and foreigners, the two rooms have sofa and ottoman seating, and even when busy it's not too smoky. During daytime, snacks are served, including lokum, fried batter balls with onion sauce and salad.

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Café e Vogel Comments

  • A little hard to find because the entire street is essentially named "cafe e vogel". It is tucked in between a few other small cafe shops. Once you actually find this spot it has great atmosphere but no internet connection. Great for a coffee with a friend or reading a book.


Open 08:30-23:30, Sun 11:00-23:30.


Rr. Fehmi Agani 50


+377 44 13 78 24

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