One of the nicer lounge cafés along this well-caffeined street – Elzar is a converted villa with sleek furnishings and garden seating all around. An international selection of food is served too.


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Elzar Comments

  • Tim, I think you didn't eat at Elzar, maybe at the qebaptore nearby... there's only fresh food at Elzar.
  • I've been here twice and the atmosphere is lovely, especially in summer in the garden around the back. The staff is attentive.The menu is a fairly typical lunchtime menu, nothing special. Food is quite tasty, but the second time I came here, the food I had gave me a nasty case of food poisoning. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I haven't been back.


Open 07:00-24:00, Sat, Sun 08:00-24:00.


Rr. Perandori Justinian 17


+377 44 47 74 07


Wi-fi Outside seating Air-conditioning

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