Maroon Pub

Maroon Pub
A rocking villa-turned-pub with lots of wood, a large central space for partying and plenty of seating as well. There's regular live rock music, cocktails and whiskeys galore, and pizzas and salads to snack on. When the rest of Pristina is dead on Wednesday and Thursday nights, Maroon often puts on good live music.

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Maroon Pub Comments

  • I've been given the "no reservation" excuse plenty of times in clubs and bars. Twice at a club called Bamboo. Even on a slow night. And yes I'm a well dressed American too. It might be a cultural thing. Who knows...
  • The queue can be terrible but this is a great bar with nice live music and very friendly crowd.
  • Terrible. They would not let us (two well-dressed Americans) into the pub without reservations.


Open 07:00-24:00, Fri, Sat 07:00-01:00, Sun 09:00-24:00.


Rr. Fehmi Agani 10


Live Music Outside seating Air-conditioning

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