International Learning Group [ILG]

A not-for-profit school offering pre-school to elementary education in English. Near the Gorenje Hotel.

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International Learning Group Comments

  • My son has attended ILG since we arrived in Kosovo 18 moths ago; he is so happy there and looks forward to school every single day! There is a strong community spirit within ILG thanks to close parental involvement and very dedicated teaching and administrative members of staff. The new premises at Veternik has created a much improved learning environment for an already caring and nurturing community. My son has flourished at ILG both in terms of advancing his education and integrating him into life in Pristina. We love ILG and my daughter can't wait to join her big brother there in September!
  • ILG is clearly the best international school in Pristina! The kids are from 25+ countries the teachers are extremely qualified motivated and experienced and the location is great. The school has an excellent library state of the art computer room after school activities and a dynamic community of involved parents.
  • ILG was my son's first school which he attended for two years. He absolutely loved it I believe this was due to the committed and caring staff the low pupil to teacher ratio the strong community feel and high parental involvement. His positive experiences at ILG have set a strong foundation for him to build upon and he has grown to be a highly confident and sociable child to which ILG contributed greatly. We miss everyone at ILG!!!!

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  • My child has been going to ILG school now for one year. He absolutely loves it he has very good friends and teachers; and a rich social life outside school hours. The ratio children teachers is at 5:1 and this allows teachers to pay more attention and become aware for each individual child' needs. Teachers and staff foster a sense of wellbeing and respect between children and themselves. Moreover the involvement of parents and their contribution to school makes this a special school with community spirit. The school recently moved to new premises in Veternik and now children and staff have better conditions for fulfilling their extra curriculum activities staff meetings parents room etc. The garden for outdoor activities is large and very suitable and hopefully in the near future the school will be able to invest in more playground equipment.
  • My child is now in her third year at ILG and the school keeps getting better! Things I love about the school; - a committed and skilled staff of caring teachers and administrators from a number of different countries; - an involved and supportive community of parents who meet regularly at birthday parties playgroups and school-sponsored events and meetings; - a diverse group of children learning and discovering Kosovo together; - the new school with large sunny rooms indoor play space outdoor play space a library a cafeteria an ICT room... Although there are some improvements that I would like to see (i.e. accreditation - although the school closely follows a US curriculum it is working on accreditation) I am impressed by the renewed efforts in involving parents to identifying problems and creative solutions and constantly build upon the strengths of the school. Most importantly my child loves the school and feels connected to it. Being part of a community that is fairly mobile supporting children to feel connected and supported is vital. ILG has certainly helped my child feel grounded during her time in Kosovo.




+386 38 72 28 93

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