Park School Pristina

An international neighbourhood kindergarten with English-language schooling for young children.

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Park School Pristina Comments

  • Parents with young children in Pristina should check out this English language kindergarten. My son is having a lot of fun there. He goes out everyday into the green surroundings. He knows already the alphabet at the age of 2,5. And he speaks already better English than I speak Albanian -)
  • We chose Park School because of the location- we like our 5-year-old son to walk to school. We are also pleased with the loving teachers and community of families who founded the school. The classroom resources and outdoor play area are great for small children and the small size of the program means that the children know each other very well. This is particularly nice in a country where we have no cousins or family; the friends we have take that place.
  • Our 2 daughters (3 and 6) are attending Park School and really enjoy the integrated model. What I personally like about the school is the location; it is next to a large green area. On the top of that the teachers are creative and my daughters have a lot of fun at school.
  • Our son Isak really enjoys going to Park School Prishtina! The teachers are great, he learns a lot and has made a lot of new friends. And on top of that the school is located in one of greenest areas in Prishtina.


Rr. Mbretëresha Teutë 46, Taukbahqe


+381 38 75 56 01

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