Hostel Han

This is as central as it gets, metres from the main pedestrian boulevard and minute's walk from the lively nightlife strip. Han Hostel occupies several bunk-bedded rooms of a fourth-floor apartment. There are two shared bathrooms, lockers, a living room and free coffee and tea.

14 dorm beds, €12 (winter €10). Breakfast €1.

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Hostel Han Comments

  • I've stayed here for about 3 weeks and this is the best place to stay if you are visiting Pristina, the friendliest staff ever, very warm atmosphere, and the location is amazing. What impressed me the most is how hygienic and clean everything is, something that is usually a problem when sleeping in hostels especially around the Balkans. I will definitely be back!


Rr. Fehmi Agani 2/4


+377 44 760 792



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