Hostel Pristina

This hostel, just south of the city centre near the Ben-af supermarket, is about 10 minutes walk from the bus station. It has two 6-bed dorms, two doubles, good shared facilities and laundry service. Free pickup/dropoff for groups of three or more staying at least two nights.

Dorm beds €8, doubles €20-24.

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Hostel Pristina Comments

  • Great place to stay, highly recommended!
  • This is was great place to stay. The facility is very nice (almost like staying in a hotel when compared to other hostels). There is a nice common room, a kitchen, laundry room and also a terrace and balcony where you can get a great view of the city. The owner is very friendly and approachable. Highly recommended!
  • This hostel is perfect for a stay in Pristina. It is easy to find no more than 10 minutes of walking away from the lively city centre with its young population yet located in a quiet neighbourhood. The terrace and balkony offer a nice view on the city at the foot of the hill that the hostel is built on. Also the villa-like interior with its kitchen tv room opportunity for laundry several bathrooms and large dorms make sure for a friendly atmosphere and a comfortable feeling when staying there.


Rr. Musine Kokalari 16, Dardania


+386 49 18 77 91


Wi-fi Guarded parking Air-conditioning

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