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Where to eat in Pristina

First impressions when scouring Pristina for something to nibble can make you wish you'd brought sandwiches. However, like so many other things in the city, don't let appearances fool you. A largish Balkan city populated by Albanians and rich foreigners ensures that eating out in Pristina is deliciously varied, and more than often excellent. Eating out is cheap too in Prishtina, with main courses often under €10. You'll soon be endlessly dazzled by superb salads, lashings of lamb, fabulous white cheese, the very best of Turkish food, passable pizza and much more besides. Ignore the battalions of beleaguered expats who tell you what a dreadful experience Pristina is, and simply tuck in. Who cares if the waiter has a cigarette in his mouth? He really is genuinely pleased to serve you.

Restaurant prices
As an indication of cost, in each review we’ve indicated the average price of a main course, without drinks:
up to €5
€€ between €5 and €10
€€€ over €10

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