This utterly charming chain of espresso bars is not to be missed. One of the first places with self-service, it has fantastic coffee, delicious soups, crepes, quiche and pastas, as well as a dozen freshly made sandwiches to choose from, including goat cheese and roast beef. Or try the shakshuka, eggs with tomato-paprika sauce. Come early to secure a seat at lunchtime, or call the second number to have your coffee or meal delivered. Also on Rr. Perandori Justinian E1 (open 07:00-21:30) and Rr. Agim Ramadani (corner Rr. Karl Gega; open 07:00-24:00, Sun closed). Smoking unfortunately is permitted again.

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Amélie Comments

  • Cafe AMELIE closed all of its branches in the summer of 2014. It's a pity, it was a nice place with a good menu.
  • I love Amelie and their food, it's delicious! ;) Can't wait till next summer when I go back home again.
  • I hope this comment will be read by the Amelie staff... please do not allow smoking! We already have Obiliq for that. The profile of your business is such that it is nice to smell the baked goods and delicious coffee drinks - not the unbearable smell of smoke that ruins all once you step in.
  • I LOVE spending weekend mornings in Amelie having breakfast and drinking endless cups of coffee. Unfortunately they allow people to smoke inside again and the small cafe becomes so smoke-infested it is unbearable. I'll have to wait until the summer when one can sit outside again...
  • I love their coffee and sandwiches - but they allow people to smoke inside which ruins a bit my impression of the place. Have seen it several times and the staff doesn't ask them to continue outside. I hope they go non-smoking again.
  • I love the food at Amelie, it's perfect.
  • Really good, and now they've gone 100% non-smoking inside, even better than before.
  • I love Amelie, such great food and I am SO happy they have complied with the non-smoking law, BRAVO! I'll be there all of the time now :)
  • The best coffee and healthy food Pristina has to offer. I love the atmosphere and the cool design. You must try the Amelie salad and the classic crepe. I am sure you will love it...


Open 07:00-24:00.


Rr. Fehmi Agani 10


+377 45 69 16 61
+377 45 58 05 80


Wi-fi Home Delivery Takeaway Outside seating Air-conditioning

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