Princesha Gresa

If you have a horse-size hole in your stomach to fill, this is the place to come. The meal starts with some free bread and dips and is followed by gargantuan portions of salad, meat, fish, or anything else on the varied menu. The food is sometimes great, sometimes average but always served in massive portions.


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Princesha Gresa Comments

  • I have worked in and around Pristina a combined total of 9 years and never pass up the opportunity to dine at Princesha Gresa. It is a great place to spend 2-3 hours of casual dining while socializing with friends. The food is great in terms of quality quantity and value. Once you've dined there a few times dish selection from their diverse menu can cause a real internal struggle as it's all good. The filet mignon is a great value and if you like salmon you have to experience their generous serving. Thankfully they will wrap up your leftovers for further enjoyment later. Highly recommended!
  • We had a great evening at this place. Great service, great food, reasonable prices. The staff speaks Serbian and English.
  • This is no longer just a Mexican restaurant, if offers a good range of Kosovar and international dishes, alongside some Mexican food. Great service, although too much polite, if it is possible. Excellent food every time, great beefsteak and all other meat for that matter, excellent vegetables, not just small portion for decoration, great salads. A recommendation by all means.


Open 10:00-23:00.


Rr. Fehmi Agani 23


+381 38 24 58 41
+377 44 11 23 91

Wi-fi Outside seating Smoking place Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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