Albi Mall

Albi Mall
The recently expanded Albi Mall now has two additional floors, over 100 shops including a hypermarket, a good electronics shop and several boutiques with genuine, imported brand clothing like Tom Tailor, Vero Moda, Springfield and Jack Jones. There's also a bowling alley and a kids' playground.

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Albi Mall Comments

  • I love timberland shop in albi mall the clothes and services are wonderful :) buuut for everbody that make shoping in ltb be careful the clothes are full of defects and if you are trying to change they are so vulgar and uneducated i am so sorry but nothing to do will the real brand ....
  • Albi mall the best!
  • I love Albi Mall :) I always had fun when I went there.
  • I am a regular customer in the Albi Shopping Center. Now it's grown up it is the best shopping center and supermarket in Kosova ;)
  • Albi has Springfield , Tom Tailor, Celio*, Jack & Jones... all really quality brands and all of them original. This is really helpful, especially when living in Kosovo, a country that is filled with low quality clothing from China and Turkey.


Open 07:30-22:30.


Veternik, Skopje road


+381 38 50 02 02


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