City Park

Convenient city-centre supermarket in the Qafa complex. City Park also runs a two-storey mall in the Zona Industriale on the Fushë Kosovo road.

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City Park Comments

  • City Park is a really good shop!It has so many clothes but I think it should have more more shops .
  • City Park is great, I am from Gjakova and I came only for City Park. Also Happy City is a really nice place so I thank City Park's owners for this miracle... I love City Park... XOX
  • I love shopping center CITY PARK i love the shops Zara Bershka Migato but my special place is Happy City there are great toys for children at any age.My kids special one is bumper cars.And the prices are great.If you are looking for a place for your children to have fun then the answear is City Park.
  • I think City Park is one of the best malls in Prishtina. They have Zara women men, also Zara kids baby, and Bershka .And they have Migato, a great shop for shoes and boots.
  • Where can I find City Park in Pristina?

    EDITOR: the address is listed to the right of the review: along the road to airport and Fushe Kosovo.
  • I think it is the best place to shop in Prishtina. They have original Vero Moda clothes, Zara, Bershka and very good prices. The children clothes are so cute and good quality.
  • Really nothing special. Not worth the trek out there. Prices were for the most part the same as the hypermarkets in the centre. Clothing as well.
  • I think City Park is the best, nr.1 in Kosovo.
  • Yes.. it's true..
  • City park is the best.


Open 08:00-22:00.


Rr. UÇK, Qafa complex

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