Strategically placed near the exit of a large NATO base at the western edge of town, Minimax has three floors of casual and sports clothes (including excellent Goretex coats), and a restaurant. The ground floor is crammed with cut-price CDs and DVDs (under €2) and a collection of porn films that's impressive by any standards.

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Minimax Comments

  • a young lady and a young man in the watches department provide superbly friendly services - I am sorry I did not get their names but I hope they are well rewarded for the work they do
  • The best shopping centre prices and the best restaurant in Kosova.
  • It sucks. Porn shood not be sold in this store, there are many kids and families going shopping there.
  • Albi mall is the only decent shopping centre in Prishtina these days and has all stores under one rooth.The shopping centre near behind New Born is also convenient if you don't want to leave the city centre but choice there is quite limited and prices are known to be higher than elsewhere.As for City Park it definitely isn't worth the trek out of town. Prices are the same as in the city centre and the clothes are old stock priced astronomicaly high for they poor quality that they are (as well as fakes)Mini max is good for fake CDs and DVDs but everything else is fake including handbags watches and clothes.
  • I like Minimax Shopping Center. It's cool to do shopping at this market.There's also an exclusive restaurant.
  • It's fun but it's fake - loads of fake clothes - not the worst quality but far away from originals anyway.
  • Minimax is the best place for shopping. They have many kind of goods from many different brands. There's also an exclusive restaurant with delicious food and very friendly staff.
  • Minimax is good for sportswear and DVDs. Regular (women's) clothes are difficult to find in the right sizes and also not of best quality. Some of them seem to be of real brands but from very old collections (3-5 year old collections). But by all means check it out and form your own opinion.
  • EDITOR: Kosovars! We appreciate your enthusiasm for the Minimax store. We're actually quite baffled that this particular shop gets more comments than any other place - are you all employees?
    Merchants: our comments field here is ONLY for telling our readers about your opinion of the place, and not for placing large orders of fruit, porn DVDs or clothing every day. Contact Minimax via the phone number provided for that.
  • It's cool, and it's fun to do shopping at this market.
  • It's a great store, great clothes, great everything.
  • The store is great, I wish they had an online purchase site. Just great deals everywhere. Needed more time to look at everything.
  • minimax the best shopping center in kosova


Open 09:00-22:00.


Arbëria, Film City


+381 38 24 72 29


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