Kosovo Museum

Kosovo Museum
This pretty ochre-painted villa housing the Kosovo Museum was built by Austrians for the Turkish army in 1898, and was used by the Yugoslav national army until 1975. The museum used to have a rich collection of prehistoric objects uncovered in Kosovo – these were all spirited off to Belgrade just before the troubles started in 1998, and hundreds of archeological finds and ethnographic items yet have to be returned. The extensive permanent archaeology exhibition details life in the region in the Illyrian, Dardanian and Roman periods with excellent English-language texts, all accompanied by Philip Glass minimal music. Centre stage is the 6000 year old Hynesha në Fron (Goddess on a throne) statue, found at Tjerrtorja in 1956 and returned to Pristina in 2002. In front of the building recent history is represented by some artillery hardware, while two large Jewish gravestones remind of another recent exodus drama.

Admission free.

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Kosovo Museum Comments

  • I'm from kosovo, and i have visited the museum several times. it's amazing there, and i was so concerned about the hynesha ne fron. kosovo is an amazing place! FANTASTIC!
  • I thought the Ethnographic Museum was well worth the trip---the guides were well informed, interested and pleasant. I felt I literally stepped back in time when I entered the 18th and 19th century buildings. They also allowed pictures to be taken, another plus.
  • Had an awesome time today with some fellow US Army National Guard soldiers while touring the museum. A special thanks to those that work at the facility and the surrounding residents that keep this history alive.
  • When my friends from Kosovo here in England told me about this beautiful museum, I didn't believe it. Because, yeah, it's in Kosovo and I just don't hear good things about it. But 1 week ago I was there and it's FANTASTIC there. Not just in the museum! Kosovo is wonderful. That wasn't the last time i visited Kosova! And of course I'm sure that Kosovo'll be much prettier in 4 or 5 years, because the guys there look very good!
  • I was there on Sunday, and according to the opening hours it should have been open, but it was not. The same with the Ethnographic museum. It is a pity, when you are interested to learn something about their history and culture and doors are closed. It is really a shame.
  • Very nice museum! I was there in April 2010 on a Monday morning, and the museum was open too.


Open 09:30-17:30, Sat, Sun 11:00-15:00. Closed Mon.


Sheshi Adam Jashari


+377 44 50 80 55
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