Christ the Saviour Cathedral

Christ the Saviour Cathedral
A folly of Serbian nationalist aspirations, the Serbian Othodox Cathedral is the unfinished, hulking brick shell of a church on Sheshi Hasan Prishtina, the field beside the national library. Started in 1995, it was supposed to be finished in 1999. During the war and since it has been the focus of attacks, graffiti and vandalism, yet it remains standing and protected by the UN's principles and barbed wire. Nobody can use or change the Cathedral without the permission of the Serbian Orthodox Church - who still demand must be completed.

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Christ the Saviour Cathedral Comments

  • This church was build on a time when Kosova was ocupied 90% of the capital of Kosova which is Prishtina were Albanian. The place where the church is buid used to be the property of University of Prishtina and still remains the same.In that area there are no Albanian or Serbian churches.This church was build against Albanians and it should not be in that place and it has to be removed. I know this because i lived in Prishtina at that time..


Sheshi Hasan Prishtina

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