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About Prizren In Your Pocket

Prizren In Your Pocket is the first English-language city guide to Kosovo’s cultural capital, and is part of the acclaimed Europe-wide In Your Pocket city guide series. The guide aims to help foreign visitors independently plan trips to the city and the region by providing reliable information. This guide is available in print as well as online at or, where all texts can be browsed for free or downloaded as a free printable PDF guide. Prizren In Your Pocket is produced by In Your Pocket in partnership with the Swedish Foundation Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) - Kosovo Office, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo and other local partners in Prizren.

About CHwB
The Cultural Heritage without Borders Kosovo Office ( works to preserve and promote endangered cultural monuments by using integrated conservation, restoration, capacity building of heritage institutions and raising awareness about cultural heritage. Apart from collaborating on the production of the guide, CHwB will distribute 5,000 copies of the print guide in Prizren and Kosovo.

Prizren In Your Pocket
© Albania Experience Sh.P.K, Rr. Papa Gjon Pali II, pall. 11/1, kati 6, Tirana, Albania
Tel +355 4 225 17 84, Fax +355 4 227 19 60,
ISSN 2078-0826
Printing Evropa92, Kochani, Macedonia. Published 10,000 copies annually

Sales & Circulation
Vullnet Malazogu (, tel. +377 45 59 50 01)
Publishers Gazmend Haxhia, Jeroen van Marle, Sco

Editorial management Jeroen van Marle, Sco
Project coordinators Nora Arapi and Enes Toska
Research and fact-checking Nora Arapi
Contributor Lawrence Marzouk
Layout & Design Vaida Gudynaitė
Photos Rentapocket, CHwB, Shannon Rice
Maps Prizren Municipality
Cover photo Sinan Pasha mosque, by Veton Nurkollari

The Prizren IYP team would like to thank Sali Shoshi (Head of Office, CHwB Kosovo Office) and all others at Cultural Heritage without Borders for making this city guide possible. We also extend thanks to the Municipality of Prizren, especially the Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development, the Institute for the Protection of Monuments in Prizren, the religious communities, local NGOs, the local community in Prizren and to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who have all contributed in important ways to the realisation of Prizren In Your Pocket. We thank Mr. Sc. Afrim Topqideri for his contributions to the history section of the guide.

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