Kyiv (Kiev)

Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafés

In the not so distant past, hungry tourists were limited to a handful of hotel restaurants with appalling service and tasteless food. Thanks to innovative entrepreneurs from Ukraine and the rest of the world, visitors can now choose from a vast range of options of local and international cuisine that rivals many Western European cities. New establishments with new themes open regularly as the quality of food, service, and décor improve as well.

The prices at some new, trendy restaurants in the centre are rising accordingly, but an evening dining out at most places will still cost less than you would expect to pay for the same level of service and quality at home. Equally appetising moderately priced and budget options are widely available in all parts of the city. When the weather has warmed up sufficiently, many of the cafés and bars around the centre will set up outdoor seating. Our guide lists popular eating establishments from American to Ukrainian, so whatever dining atmosphere you find yourself in, the word here is - smachnoho!

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