Double Coffee

Double Coffee
Double Coffee offers a huge selection of delicious Java, tea and real hot chocolate. Sandwiches, breakfast food and, of course, cocktails are all listed on the menu cleverly disguised as a glossy magazine. Unfortunately, you'll have to light it up and smoke it to attract the attention of the sullen wait staff, even if you're the only customer there.

Also at H-2, Vaļņu 11 (entrance from Kaļķu). Open 09:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 24hrs; and many other locations.

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Double Coffee Comments

  • very good place.variaty of good food hot and cold drinks.just love the shrimp and avocado salad.the prices is alitel bit expencive.but still agood place to rest from along walking in the old towm before Continue walking again.
  • I am a devoted Starbucks fan (yeah I know) but would switch to Double Coffee in a snap if they had them in the US. No problems with service in 3 locations and the mochas are the BEST!
  • Too slow (!!!).It took the staff about 1 hour to make a sandwich and a salad. I only ordered a dessert and got the coffee 50min before the dessert. We were pretty much the only customers when we got there and had to wait that long. Never Double Coffee again! Big disapointment.
  • I've found that service at Double Coffee to be absurdly slow. One time even an hour to make a sandwich. I've also noticed this at multiple locations as well. To be honest, I avoid this place completely, there are so many more better choices for breakfast/coffee/lunch in Riga. Granted, Double Coffee is fairly cheap, but portions are pretty small.
  • Double Coffee also serves other warm meals, suitable for both lunch and dinner, in good portions. The filled crepes are very good, as are the "potato pancakes" (rösti/hash browns) with different meat toppings.I went to at least three different locations and thought the service was very good at all of them. Getting the attention of the very friendly (and beautiful) staff was no problem at all.


Open 09:00-23:00, Sat, Sun 10:00-23:00.


Grēcinieku 11 (entrance from Kungu)


(+371) 67 22 31 63


Credit Cards Wi-fi Outside seating

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