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Here be monsters

Here be monsters
Although Latvian-born physicians and engineers have invented everything from viral therapies for cancer to the famous Minox spy camera, a study carried out by the SKDS research centre suggests that Latvians aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to science. Over 1,000 locals aged 15 - 74 from varying social strata and geographical regions were asked several common questions about the natural world and the cosmos and the answers in many cases would make Galileo roll over in his grave and bible-banging creationists in the US scream hallelujah! A whopping 35% of those polled believed that the sun revolves around the Earth, while 39% were convinced that humans coexisted with dinosaurs like in an old re-run of the Flintstones. What is perhaps even scarier is that 63% of these rocket scientists thought that antibiotics were an effective cure against viruses. This is perhaps the reason why deadly strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria have gained so much ground in recent years. The message is clear: less beer and hockey and more time spent reading books.

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