Donegan’s Pub

This shamrock covered pub seems to have sprung up out of thin air, but we’re not complaining, especially since it’s just around the corner from RIYP headquarters. Watch sports, listen to live music, knock back a pint of Guinness, or a dozen or so other local and imported beers, or just order some classic pub food like Buffalo wings, burgers, fish ’n’ chips and, of course, a big breakfast. You can also take a seat at one of its comfy booths and use its free wi-fi or try the samogon – grain alcohol from eastern Latvia, guaranteed to make you see Leprechauns.

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Donegan’s Pub Comments

  • Though I have been to Donegan's many times without issue, this afternoon, after waiting for about 15-20 minutes for the waitress to notice me (which, sadly, did not happen), I left to go elsewhere (Old Riga is full of places to go, so I did not feel like waiting longer). Oddly, the waitress did manage to serve the table next to me and even turn on the TV for them.
  • Tasty fish and chips but charging 0.50 Ls for ketchup is a bit cheeky.
  • Atmosphere is good. Live music; They are really good and the waitresses are really nice and sweet;) I was there one night! there was after my regular pub for 5 days ... Can only be recommendedBosse


Open 10:00-02:00, Fri, Sat 10:00-03:00, Sun 12:00-02:00.


Laipu 2/4


Credit Cards Wi-fi Live Music Outside seating

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