Located in a half cellar on Ģertrūdes, the Suitcase has an impressive interior that includes a giant vertical wall garden, country-style furniture and hanging lamps made of burlap sacks. A variety of international dishes are on offer from Caesar salads to steaks as well as some tasty desserts and a good wine selection. Each small table sports a fresh-cut flower and the staff are so attentive and polite, it’s almost annoying.

(€6 - 10)

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Čemodāns Comments

  • It is very very nice restaurant and we'll definetely go back there to eat once back in Riga. Everything was absolutely delicious and beautifully served. Also the staff was very polite and nice.


Open 11:00-24:00, Sun 12:00-24:00.


Ģertrūdes 39


(+371) 67 31 50 50



Outside seating

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