Riga Church of Jesus [Rīgas ev. lut. Jēzus baznīca]

Riga Church of Jesus
After decades of war in Livonia, the Swedish Empire finally gained control of Riga in 1621. To celebrate an end to war, it was decided that a church dedicated to Jesus should be built outside the city gates. Work was completed in 1638, but sadly peace didn’t last long and the church was destroyed by Russian troops in 1656. It was rebuilt in 1688, but was once again destroyed during the Russian siege of Riga in 1710. It rose from the ashes in 1733 only to be razed yet again by the Russian rulers of Riga in 1812 fearing an attack from Napoleon’s troops. The current octagonal structure was erected in 1818. It has a 27m-high tower and is the largest wooden church in Latvia.

(services: Thu 18:00, Sun 10:00 - Latvian)

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Tue 14:00-20:00, Wed 09:30-15:00, Thu 14:00-18:00, Fri 09:30-14:00, Sun 09:00-13:00. Closed Mon, Sat.


Elijas 18


(+371) 67 22 41 23



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